What we do...

Radio Studio Services Ltd offers the entire range of services needed to take your radio station from the initial idea stage through to getting on the air. We build studios large and small – ranging from small training studios to on-air studios for regional and national broadcasters. Our expertise with facility planning includes studio-to-transmitter links, inter-studio connectivity via leased line and the internet, programme contribution via ISDN, POTS, GSM and the internet, analogue and digital studio desks and outboard gear, and hard disk playout systems by the major suppliers.

We are also experts at managing the interfaces between studios and office systems – making sure that your office IT and telephony systems work harmoniously with the studio systems – and at dealing with the establishment issues that are essential to making studios work within the rest of your building, whether you are the building owner or one of many tenants.

Our relationships with suppliers are second-to-none; we can introduce you to the best sources for everything you need to complete your radio station – and advice is always available. We’ve worked in UK radio since the early days of Independent Local Radio, so we’ve seen the radio industry evolve from the playlist being a set of 7″ singles with the jingles and ads on NAB cartridges to the current day where everything is stored digitally on a central server – which may be in the cloud, rather than in your basement.